Friday, January 30, 2009

Detentions With Benefits

I have never ever worked this hard at school before. It's murder. I hate it. 
For once I'm actually attentive in all my lessons and I've been doing all of my work and my homework. This is probably what everybody else does, but hey, I'm really not used to it.

Last year, I believe that I received a total of something like 27 detentions. So as you can imagine, I am straining myself a little more than usual. Supervised Study, a subject that all Year 11s attend, is by far the most boring and unhelpful class of all time. As I like to call them: Detentions with Benefits.

But I have promised myself, friends and family that I would work harder in my senior years, as that was my plan all along. I know I can do it, and will, but the idea of keeping at this pace for two whole years is rather daunting.

Lunch bell just rang, must go... Love all you kiddies... xx.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blank Moments

There are many things that you learn about yourself over the years. You experience things that let you discover certain qualities about yourself, you see things that urge you to delve deeper into the mystery of life and who you are and why you're here. 

You have nights when all you do is lie on your bed and think. The unravelling of who you are is a long and draining time. I have gone through it. It's amazing how much can be hiding in your own head that secretly you've known all along... it was just never brought to your attention. You lie there for so long, just thinking, that you develop slots of time where your mind is blank. You've forgotten where you were and what you were doing at that certain time. All you know is that you've been lying there in self-reflection... trying desperately to understand why things are that way.

I've had to work things over in my head so many times now that I consider myself a near professional. Having to work through your feelings is something that can take some people there whole life... imagine never truly knowing everything about yourself...

I, like you, am still discovering new things about myself (personality wise) all the time. It's just incredible how much is safe there in your sub-conscious. 

I've blabbed enough, time to go home... love all you kiddies. xx. 

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

Well, I am quite happy to announce that I have stuck to my New Year Promise and I will continue to pursue that goal throughout the rest of this year.

I had an absolutely smashing NYE, which I spent with Frances. We went to one of her friends, Nicole's house where there was going to be a party. There was only around six people there but nevertheless it was a great night. We got severely indisposed (especially me) and i successfully managed to make a complete fool of myself.
I believe that by three in the morning it took me ten minutes to string one sentence together, Nicole told me.

So yes, it was quite interesting, and the folllowing morning was rather painful. I woke up and the first thought in my head was "how the hell did I end up with so many pillows?"

I went home early because I felt like crap and the need to sleep and rest my intensely sore body was almost overwhelming. But I had a fantastic night, and I am extremely happy that 2009 is here.

It's not like I wasn't enjoying 2008, but a New Year always makes me feel fresh, like it's a brand new start. It wipes the slate clean.
This year I'm a Year 11, which in my opinion is fantastic, because it's one year closer to the end of this horrid ordeal that they call education. And finally I get to wear the Senior uniforms, which I've spent a full three years longing for.

I think I've rambled enough now, and so, Happy New Year everyone and I'll see you all later.