Friday, January 30, 2009

Detentions With Benefits

I have never ever worked this hard at school before. It's murder. I hate it. 
For once I'm actually attentive in all my lessons and I've been doing all of my work and my homework. This is probably what everybody else does, but hey, I'm really not used to it.

Last year, I believe that I received a total of something like 27 detentions. So as you can imagine, I am straining myself a little more than usual. Supervised Study, a subject that all Year 11s attend, is by far the most boring and unhelpful class of all time. As I like to call them: Detentions with Benefits.

But I have promised myself, friends and family that I would work harder in my senior years, as that was my plan all along. I know I can do it, and will, but the idea of keeping at this pace for two whole years is rather daunting.

Lunch bell just rang, must go... Love all you kiddies... xx.


Laryissa said...

this kind of post would be perfect for the staberfoyle park blog! Give me your email addy already so i can add you as an author!
And good luck for the next two years.

*Em* said...

hello darling. may i just say...

are you happy?