Monday, December 22, 2008


I am rather peeved. Annoyed. Frustrated. Angry. Just a few words to describe how I feel about the release of Tomb Raider: Underworld on the PS2.

Okay, many of you may say that I have a sad life to be utterly obsessed with TR, but hey, I love it. And the new game of the TR series: Underworld, was released on December the 5th this year. The reason I am peeved, annoyed, frustrated and angry is because for some fucking reason, the PS2 version has been delayed until June next year, and as I am yet to own a PS3 i cannot play or purchase it. This is a horrid thing because I am a die-hard fan and it greatly concerns me that the rest of the world shall play it and complete it before I do.

Oh, the shame. That is all.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I find it quite funny that even though people rave on and on about what their New Year Promise will be, people never ever follow them.

I remember, back when I was a little child, how every NYE I would think up a storm about what I wanted to promise myself I'd do right for the whole of the next year.
But, alas, I never follwed it and infact every year of my life I have forgotten this promise the very next day.

Last year my promise to myself was to quit smoking. Obviously, for those who know me well, that plan fell straight through. And the year before that I recall myself saying that I would lose weight. Well, that is another severely obvious failure.

But this year, even though I've not yet thought of a perfect promise, I know I will follow my promise through. I will. Because I really do hate how many times I've broken promises to myself. I do it every day. Al the time I say to myself that I won't do it and I end up going and doing it.

I am blabbering about this because this NY i really want to change my life around a bit. I've decided I want to live life to the maximum, and you only live once, so why waste it?

Some people may feel that this notion is just some teenage dream but I believe that in some ways, you're most clever when you're a teenager. Because you are at a stage where you're not quite naiive. You have fresh and new ideas about life that are untainted by the outside world.

You love life, and in your own little head you have everything worked out to something close to perfection. But then you becone an adult, you join the Work Force, and the adults of our greedy planet taint your ideas, they crush them down. They tell you that youre stupid and that your thoughts and feelings are bullshit and that you should just grow up and stop being so damn naiive in this life.

They are the people who are wrong, for if they were to look at their lives, you'd find that most of them work nearly everyday of their lives. They get up to go to their boring job that they hate, and we (the youth) tell them that this is all wrong! You shouldn't go through life wasting most of your days doing these kind of things!

But, the cruel fate of it is that each youth has had these same ideas, but each youth has grown up to become just as the last generation.

So this is my promise to myself:

For as long as I live, I will live to be my own person, to live the life I want to, and to be forever young in my mind, my ideas, and my identity.

This will be my NY Promise, because I want to rid my life of what is wrong, and truely live... Because after all, we're all blessed to be in this life, so why not make the most of it...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I don't like unwanted pressure; in fact, I hate it. It drives me mad.
You know that feeling where everything is building up, all at once, and you feel that if you have one more thing to think about then your head might just explode.

Oh, the agony. Ah, the frustration. It's terrible. Nothing could piss me off more than having a million people asking me to do something or a thousand teachers all wanting assignments on the same fucking due date. What is that?! Is it some horrid cruel twist of fate? Is this God's joke? To put innocent (or close to) people into agonizing situations where they feel like pulling every hair off their head and ripping out their spleen?!

I think that this is one of life's major irritations. Ah, what a hassle. Pressure sucks.

The Uncanny Crew

I don't know why, but I feel like talking about some of my dearest friends.

What can I say really? These people are amazing. They light up my life. They are my world. Thinking about going on without these souls in my life makes me sick to the stomach. I love them all.

I couldn't describe them all as a unit, because all though we are as one, we're all very different in our little ways.
I have actually described these people to you before in a previous blog, 'Music People' but I feel the need to talk about these particular persons again.

Kyrie: I care for this girl so much. She's taken me in and opened up her entire life to me. She's really made me feel so comfortable and welcome. I love her for that. I think that she is amazing and she's so talented in so many ways. I haven't known her very long compared to my other best friends, but for Kyrie time seems to be no matter. She has two sides to a perfect personality, she's an insane lunatic but when conversation gets serious she quietens instantly and patiently listens. Kyrie is perfect in many ways, and I love her dearly.

Sam: OMG, how I love this kid. He has so many sides to him. He is very clever, and teribbly funny. If there is one flaw about Sam it's that he is torturously apologetic and it drives me bonkers, but that is just who he is. He's lovely, caring, and a great talker and listener. He has his crazy moods, and then the moods that make you want to hug him and tell him it's ok. Hehe. Sam, you're a gem, and I'll love you til the end.

Harry: What can you say about Harry? There really is too much. Well, one thing is that he is usually incredibly predictable and you know exactly what and when he is going to say something. He is sarcastic, cynical and fucking hilarious. Kyrie is very protective of her boy, and the two of them are the cutest couple the world has ever seen. They are great for each other. I've known Harry the longest, and the only thing that has changed about him in the last three years are: height, hair colour, and his opinion of me...

Megan: Now, Megan is the person I've known the shortest, in fact, less than three months! But the weirdest thing is that I feel as though she's this life-long friend I couldn't imagine some things without. She is mind-blowingly hilarious and she makes me laugh like mad and I make her snort like crazy. It's the perfect win-win relationship. I love you, Megan, and don't you ever forget it.

Much to my irritation, I am not an original Uncanny Crew member. The group was in fact joined before I started hanging with them. But they have been incredibly accepting of me, and they've all let me in and treated me as if I were one of there own. And I really do feel like I fit in with them, better in fact, than anywhere else I ever have before.

I am still in constant awe of how happy I am with them. When I say this, I mean this: They have made me happier as a person than I have ever been. Don't get me wrong, I love Emily and Frances with all my soul, but for some reason I am caught up with my love affair with the Uncanny Crew.

Thankyou to each and every one of you, you made me happy. You made me smile. Being at the beach the other night made me get all sentimental, it made me realize how much I love you all, and how much I never want our friendships to end.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Have you ever experienced every feeling you know all at the same time?
Have you ever felt love, hope, happiness, relief, disappointment, anger, sadness, sorrow, all at once? How to explain it?

I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and for just one second, I feel free. But then, just as a lifetime of stress is released, a new burden, a new weight, a heavier one, is placed on your calloused shoulders. Have you ever known this emotion? I have. But I don't know what it is...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Chris Crocker

Fuck me dead, this guy is fucking hilarious. I love him!
But I don't know what you guys thin about him, because half the people who've seen him really don't like him but I think he's funny as all fuck...

If you don't know who I'm talking about, here's a hint: leave britney alone...
Yeah, that guy! Well, he has heaps of other videos which are just as funny and I really suggest you check out his vids.
Just search 'Chris Crocker' on youtube and it will come up with a list of his complete videos. They're really good.

You may do as I suggest, and go and check him out, and then wonder how the hell I could like such a freak? Well, the answer is that I like him because he's loud and proud and funny as fuck.

So, go off and watch some videos with an open mind. Caution: Do not search Chris Crocker while in a cynical or pessimistic mood, this means no Chris Crocker for you Harry. Haha...


So, here I am, sitting with one of my favourite people: Jess Champion, listening to Pink's new album Funhouse in the music room. It's great, and we're having the time of our lives.

Actually, we're just sitting here talking and listening, but we're still having fun.
Yes, it's Week 8, and I went to school... much to my regret.
It's boring as all fuck.

The lessons are shit, and nobody is here. I want to die. I fucking want to kill everyone. Just so they're as bored as me.

So Jess just left, and Megan is going to the city, so what to do now? I have another one of those fucking frees that have their upsides, but their major downsides as well. It sucks. I suppose I'll have to pull through, and wait til tomorrow night when I see Frances. Fuck me, I miss that bitch. 

That is all.