Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I don't like unwanted pressure; in fact, I hate it. It drives me mad.
You know that feeling where everything is building up, all at once, and you feel that if you have one more thing to think about then your head might just explode.

Oh, the agony. Ah, the frustration. It's terrible. Nothing could piss me off more than having a million people asking me to do something or a thousand teachers all wanting assignments on the same fucking due date. What is that?! Is it some horrid cruel twist of fate? Is this God's joke? To put innocent (or close to) people into agonizing situations where they feel like pulling every hair off their head and ripping out their spleen?!

I think that this is one of life's major irritations. Ah, what a hassle. Pressure sucks.

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Leish said...

Lol, I said this to lauren when she said something like that about God's private little jokes with us.

And i shall say it again, watch out for the lightning =P

Love you muchly

Leish xox