Sunday, December 21, 2008


I find it quite funny that even though people rave on and on about what their New Year Promise will be, people never ever follow them.

I remember, back when I was a little child, how every NYE I would think up a storm about what I wanted to promise myself I'd do right for the whole of the next year.
But, alas, I never follwed it and infact every year of my life I have forgotten this promise the very next day.

Last year my promise to myself was to quit smoking. Obviously, for those who know me well, that plan fell straight through. And the year before that I recall myself saying that I would lose weight. Well, that is another severely obvious failure.

But this year, even though I've not yet thought of a perfect promise, I know I will follow my promise through. I will. Because I really do hate how many times I've broken promises to myself. I do it every day. Al the time I say to myself that I won't do it and I end up going and doing it.

I am blabbering about this because this NY i really want to change my life around a bit. I've decided I want to live life to the maximum, and you only live once, so why waste it?

Some people may feel that this notion is just some teenage dream but I believe that in some ways, you're most clever when you're a teenager. Because you are at a stage where you're not quite naiive. You have fresh and new ideas about life that are untainted by the outside world.

You love life, and in your own little head you have everything worked out to something close to perfection. But then you becone an adult, you join the Work Force, and the adults of our greedy planet taint your ideas, they crush them down. They tell you that youre stupid and that your thoughts and feelings are bullshit and that you should just grow up and stop being so damn naiive in this life.

They are the people who are wrong, for if they were to look at their lives, you'd find that most of them work nearly everyday of their lives. They get up to go to their boring job that they hate, and we (the youth) tell them that this is all wrong! You shouldn't go through life wasting most of your days doing these kind of things!

But, the cruel fate of it is that each youth has had these same ideas, but each youth has grown up to become just as the last generation.

So this is my promise to myself:

For as long as I live, I will live to be my own person, to live the life I want to, and to be forever young in my mind, my ideas, and my identity.

This will be my NY Promise, because I want to rid my life of what is wrong, and truely live... Because after all, we're all blessed to be in this life, so why not make the most of it...


Toivoa ja Elämän said...

i never make new year's eve resolutions, if i promise myself something, it's because i want to do it, not because it's just the time when you do stuff like that.
i mean the idea of a new year --> new beginnings is great, but i don't work like that.
good luck with keeping your promise, whatever it is (:

Leish said...

Wow, you're promise is just... Wow. Insight.

"Yo Boring Adult Dream Crushers! Over Here! This Guy Has Something To Say!"

Seriously. Wow.

Love you nanny.