Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free Lessons

Oh, my, how I hate frees. They suck so bad, they couldn't be more boring.
In fact, I'm sitting in music during a free right now, and I'm so intensely bored I'm blogging about it.
Now that's sad.

At least I'm not like some freaks who have like a million of them.
I only have two free lessons. Tourism and Drama. And 90% of the time I wag Health and Maths, also I don't count Music as a lesson, as it's too good for that.
This means I only go to ten lessons a week.
English and Australian Studies. Oh, how they kill me with boredom. 
I hate those two lessons.

I must admit, however, that free lessons have zero stress and you're free to do what you like, also, you may go where you like.
So there is the obvious upside to frees. 

But then again, I'm in a free, and look what I'm doing...
They can't be that good then, can they?

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