Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Wizard Of Oz

Oh dear lord, I witnessed something yesterday... something very strange.
I went to observe the humiliation of the Year 9 drama performance yesterday and I'm afraid to say that it wasn't actually that bad... for a Year 9 performance, that is.

It had fantastic costumes and the set and lighting was quite good; better than I expected as the new 'techies' are really shit.
There were some moments that were absolutely hilarious. I wouldn't be able to tell you now, as I can't remember what they were, all I remember is that I laughed.
It was good.

But, the stand-out of the play by far was the lion. It was terrifying. He was wearing this lycra suit thing, which showed EVERYTHING! Or, the lack of.
I spent the entire second half of the play staring down there!!
I'm not perverted or anything but I seriously couldn't help it. They should've given that poor kid a sock. He'll never live that down.

Aha, it was funny... for Year 9's anyway...

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Laryissa said...

haha i know, the lion costume lol :$