Friday, November 28, 2008

Should I Go?

Well folks, I'm facing yet another difficult circumstance.
I don't know whether i should go to school in Week 8.

I don't want to go because Harry and other Year 11 people aren't going to be here.
Also Ms. Chetty is on my back about a Romeo + Juliet assignment which i haven't done and won't do.

There's also the option of not going at all, but I'm not sure how much the parents will agree. If I don't go, I'm letting down a couple of people who I know are relying on my attendance that week.

So confused. What do I do?


Laryissa said...

weeell, nathan.
the people relying on your attendance that week.. want they for you to go to lesson? or just to be at school, perhaps chilling in the music block all day long..? ^_^
how important are these people to you?
fairly? then go, just avoid ms chetty lol
if it weren't for these "people" i'd just say don't go.
btw what's your addy, i want to add you to my other blog ^_^
plus msn, not that i'm ever on

captcha word is moonsone ^_^

Car Crash Hearts said...

What should you should blog less.
I love you hun, but take it easy. You don't have to blog every day.
(this is kind of hypocritical because I blog frequently, but still not as much as you, and my blogging is mostly for lyrical purposes/for other sites; its hard to explain)
but yesh, um, you've already decided, but I would go if they're important to you, it would save hassle later on.
love you.