Monday, November 24, 2008

Music People

If I could pick one aspect of my life when it comes to education that I've found worthwhile, the only thing would be aberfoyle park high school music.
It is amazing.

I've never met a bunch of nicer people. I get along with every single one of them and I love them all so much. They really are such nice people. They aren't the type to stab you in the back, bitch about you; in fact, they're like nothing in the whole world. They're just too special.

Originally I met this lovely person in my Year 11 Drama class and we hit off pretty much immediately, and from then on we just got along like a house on fire. We have so many things in common, and we're always making each other laugh. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to meet Kyrie and enjoy her company because she is such an amazing, kind-hearted, warm person and I'll always love her.

This boy is crazy. He is cynical, strange, and very, very hilarious. His sarcasm and witty humour is something of a different world. He's just too cool for school. I've known Harry since Year 8 but it's only really been this semester that we've gotten to know each other. Harry is intelligent, funny, kind, and psycho. All the best components in one person. You're the best Harry.

Believe it or not I only met Megan 4 weeks ago. Since then I've grown so close to her. This shows we really are a match made in heaven. We have the best times and her snort is so funny and she always can make me giggle. Megan is crazy and she is really nice. There's nothing more I like about a person than for them to be able to be fun and crazy when appropriate and then serious and mature when the time comes. She is all that and more. Megan is a great listener and a fantastic friend that I can't wait to get to know even better!

We didn't always get along. We met in music last year but never really talked. When we did it was always through Adriana or Lauren. But since then we're really close and I love my D&M's with her. She is really insane and funny but she is so deep aswell. She's a sensitive person who I love to be around and she always makes me smile. She is a fantastic person.

This boy is very kind-hearted and rambles almost continuously. He never shuts up and always speaks his thoughts and never thinks before he talks - but this is what we all love about him! He's so honest and caring and funny and random and he is always there to have a cry to and he'll always listen. We love you, Sam. Don't forget that.

We have been friends for the longest. I have a good friendship with you and you are a nice person. I think that you have a heart of gold and I'm glad that we count on each other to be friends forever.

Mr. Sheridan:
You're the funniest, best, most chill-axed, awesone freaking teacher of all time! I LOVE YOU! I think that if you were a kid we'd be BF4L! You've brought so much inspiration and happiness. I really appreciate how much you care for me and how many times you've saved my ass. We've been through a lot Sheri, and I just wanted to say... you're cool.

So the above are my music kiddies, who bring happiness to me each and every day. i love them with all my heart. There are a few more I could have typed up but there are too many. I love all you guys. Peace...

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