Friday, November 28, 2008

Adriana Demourtzidis

Ah, what can I say about my Adri Pie...
First of all, she forced me to write a blog about her or she threatened to slit my throat and make it look like a suicide. (She's very violent).

She's short, but I swear to God she's the strongest piece of shit that I've ever met. Once in P.E. she kicked a soccer ball quite petitely and it flew over the length of the entire large gym.

She is Greek, and loves the boys. Her favourite person in the world is Russel from music. They like to get it on in Music Room 6.

Nah, I'm just kidding. She is a cute, cuddly little person who is sweet - when you're on her good side... haha...
Trust me - I've been on her bad side before and it's far from fun. It's scary.

I love Adri, and I'm gonna miss our music lessons... :(
The Girls are splitting up. We've had fun times, watching Sean's solos, and freaking out before ours.

Adri, I love you and your bum.

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Laryissa said...

haha ew russel

zomg zomg captcha word is ZINGLE