Monday, November 24, 2008

Quality Degrading In Bands

Ok, so I don't know about you guys, but are you noticing that bands are getting worse and worse these days? It's ridiculous! I'm really sick of it.

I am a devoted listener of hardcore rock. I love music of all kinds, but especially bands like AFI, The Used and Muse. Lately (being the last four years) I've noticed that the quality of the music being put out by my favourite bands is getting worse.
My Chemical Romance used to be so amazing, their first and second album blowing all other bands out of the water. So you ask: Why did the their third album suck so much?

One words... Image. I'm sick of it - bands are constantly putting their image above their music, which is the most important thing. I think it's affecting all of the music industries, but mainly my genre.

Bands are also slowing down their once fast paced music and trading it for acoustic love songs. Now those kind of songs don't bother me, but they do when they come out of bands like The Hot Lies, which used to be amazing.
Their first and second EP's were mind-blowing. There debut album was bullshit. It was twelve tracks of pathetic serenading to some whore the lead singer was probably in love with. That album is a disgrace to the genre.

You may say that the bands are moving on, but honestly, you don't switch genres immediately between albums. It's too shocking and rejecting for the fans. But I guess some bands just don't care. Just like Panic! At The Disco, who were good (once upon a time). Their first album was full of raging pop/techno beats mixed with punk rock and racy lyrics. They were so good, and very respected for their out-of-the-ordinary alternative feel about them. But then came 2008, which brought along P!ATD's second album. I, along with everyone else, was expecting a nicely done follow-up to their first. Well... I received quite the surprise.
It was tacky, slow, and sounded remarkably like a band that was trying to be the modern-day Beatles. I hated it.

These are just a myriad of examples to show that music is getting worse because the actual music is becoming less and less important. How it sounds is nothing compared to how it looks nowadays. I've had enough of it.

So, in the end, I really do hpe that people will start realizing this and bands start trying to pick up the quality of their music and think less about money and image.


Aimee Jade said...

I must say I agree.
I don't like AFI or any of your bands really but bands I like, like Good Charlotte are blowing themselves up or something.
Like back in the day when they were sooper dooper awesome I became a member of their website. The other day I got some queer email like: We are so cool. Write us letters so we feel more cool. They were asking for nice comments and stuff.
I felt like writing one saying: Geez buddy. Someone's cocky.
Idk. It made me angry.

But I love you Gaythan. ILY

Car Crash Hearts said...

I'm totally with you on this one. The entire music scene is supposed to be about MUSIC, duh! And a lot of bands don't really think about that anymore, they just put out the record for the sake of it. That's probably why I love Fall Out Boy so much, if you know enough about them, you know they are ONLY putting out records because they want to, they want to make the music, and make something good, not get chicks and cars (not that Patrick could anyways xD)
But I gotta say, I do like Panic's new album, simply because i like a bit of folky stuff, but I will admit, it was a massive change and fans totally weren't prepared for it, they're just lucky I like pretty much every genre of music.
Damn this is a long comment.
Anyways, as the first one of our little school to get a blog (and hence forth I shall refer to myself as queen of blog due to that fact lol) welcome to our community.
We hope you enjoy blogging as much as we do.
I love youuuu