Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Romeo + Juliet

Now, you may all find this as quite a surprise, but I am quite the fan of Romeo + Juliet. I am in love with the play, because it is just too awesome!
It is such a good love story, even though each character eventually dies, which is why they call it a Shakespeare tragedy.

I don't know why I'm rambling on about R&J but I think it's really good, and I suggest to all who haven't read it/seen it to do so.
Bahz Luhrmann's version of R&J starrs Leonardo di Caprio (the hot guy off Titanic) and some chick as Juliet and it really is a superb movie. I loved it.

The play is still good, but if you find it hard to decrypt Shakespearean language then really - don't bother, it's just too hard. The first movie is kind of pathetic and amatuer, so, don't watch that either.

But anyway you go about it, R&J is an awesome love story that is timeless and I advise that you get to reading/seeing the story unfold. It's magical... haha...

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