Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Shoes

I love Converse All-Stars! I love them!
I have been wearing them my whole life, or at least my whole high school life. 
But I've always had a problem with these shoes. They are for skinny feet, and my feet are rather wide. I always fit into them at first but eventually my feet bust out of them. It happens to every single pair I buy.

Of course my mother buys them for me, I mean, why should I get them? I don't have the money. But of late she keeps telling me that she refuses to buy Connies anymore because they are not suited to my foot.
Now, I agree with the latter; these shoes aren't really for me.
But I love them!! And everyone knows that I wear these shoes so they'll be weirded out when I'm not wearing them.

So today I'm wearing Volleys, the alternative pair that mum's had tucked away in case I "ever change my mind".
They are white, and disgusting. I hate them. Everybody is asking "why are you wearing those, where did your Connies go?"
It's killing me.

So my mother better agree to get new Connies soon because I'm not coping with not wearing them.
My sanity is already wearing thin. Good God, I'm crazy... 

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